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Find Someone Trained To Help Rehabilitate An Injured bat

If you find a bat try using Google or Bing and use these search words us “Bat Rehabilitation” and Your “Hometown.”

Example: Bat Rehabilitation Sacramento

Or, use these search words us “Bat Rescue” and Your “County or Parish ” and “State.”

Example: Bat Rescue Sacramento, CA.

You can also contact Bat Conservation International, or Bat World or download this PDF.



What To Do If You Find a Diseased Bat

If you find an injured bat please do not touch this bat.

First of all there is a reason why you found a bat in the first place. Bats fly and are rarely seen unless they have a wildlife disease or are injured. If you need a bat removed call one of our bat removal professionals.

If you must handle them wear disposable medical gloves under a pair of heavy duty leather gloves. Heavy duty leather gloves should be able to protect most if not everyone from any bat bite and help protect you from any wildlife disease such as bat rabies.



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List Of Bats In Us And Canada

Florida Bonneted Bat

Silver Haired Bat

Seminole Bat

Rafinesque’s Big-Eared Bat

Northern Yellow Bat

Northern Myotis

Mexican Long-Nosed Bat

Little Brown Bat

Lesser Long-Nosed Bat

Indiana Bat

Hoary Bat

Eastern Small Footed Myotis Bat

Evening Bat

Eastern Red Bat

Eastern Pipistrelle

Brazilian Freetailed Bat

Big Brown Bats