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can bats fly in the rain?

Yes , but not unless they need too. Bats burn more energy flying in the rain. when wet, bats are using twice as much energy to fly and may explain why bats seek shelter during heavy rainfall.

Wildlife control operators and bat removal professionals report an increase in bat in house and bat in attic calls during  and after prolonged periods of  heavy rainfall.

Cooler air makes people want to open up doors and windows. This is how you give a simple and easy bat entry point.


Got bats in your home?

Did a bat fly through your open door? Did a bat enter your home through a air conditioner that was not properly sealed? Do you have damaged or missing windows, or door screens that a bat could enter through?



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List Of Bats In Us And Canada

Florida Bonneted Bat

Silver Haired Bat

Seminole Bat

Rafinesque’s Big-Eared Bat

Northern Yellow Bat

Northern Myotis

Mexican Long-Nosed Bat

Little Brown Bat

Lesser Long-Nosed Bat

Indiana Bat

Hoary Bat

Eastern Small Footed Myotis Bat

Evening Bat

Eastern Red Bat

Eastern Pipistrelle

Brazilian Freetailed Bat

Big Brown Bats