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THE MEXICAN LONG NOSED BAT – Leptonycteris nivalis


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Mexican long-nosed bats are a somewhat large bat species that is listed as endangered in the United States. Their fur can be dark gray to a soot-like brown in color. They have longer muzzles than many bat species and can be distinguished by a protruding leaf at the end of their noses. The mexican long-nosed bat has a short tail and large ears. They spend their summers in areas of Texas, there they feed on the nectar and fruits of specific types of cactuses. The offspring are born in Mexico duringthe early spring months before moving up to Northern Mexico and Texas after June. Interestingly, the males seem to stay in place while the mothers and their young make go ahead with their northbound migration.

Mexican long-nosed bats are listed as an endangered species in the United States. Their population is believed to be threatened mostly because of habitat loss and the harvesting of many of their common food sources.During the daytime, the bats depend on mines, tunnels, and abandoned buildings to protect them from the heat.

Because of their endangered status in the United States, it is imperative that you contact a highly qualified, professional bat removal service with all proper licensing. It is illegal to harm or kill this bat species and, therefore, they must be handle with great care. Bat Removal Pro screens all local bat removal services to make sure you have your choice of only the most qualified candidates in your area. Visit our directory to locate the best bat removal services in your city today!