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THE NORTHERN YELLOW BAT – Lasiurus intermedius


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Northern yellow bats are a large bat species native to the eastern United States. Their fur can be anything from yellow-orange to brown or even gray with darker fur at the tips. The fur extends through the upper part of the tail, with the rest being naked. They are known to have somewhat short and round ears. Northern yellow bats have wings that span from 14 to 16 inches in length while their bodies measure at just under three inches. The females are generally larger than the males.

The northern yellow bat’s mating season falls during the fall and winter months. The females typically have two offspring, although they can have up to four at a time. Northern yellow bats live mostly in coastal locations and are widespread to the point of having a large population in no danger of declining. Unlike many other bat species, the northern yellow bat population is not considered under threat by national or state conservation bodies. Northern yellow bats feed on insects such as flies, mosquitoes beetles, and more. Their roosting spots of choice are in clumps of Spanish moss on palm trees, safe from the sunlight. They don’t usually migrate, as they are capable of living and feeding year round in the tropical climates of the coastal regions they occupy.

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